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What documents are needed for spouse visa?

What is the requirement for spouse visa at UK?

How much income do I need to sponsor my spouse?

How can I sponsor my spouse?

If you are the spouse/partner of a British Citizen or someone settled in the UK you can apply for a visa to join them. In order to apply you have to meet the following requirements.

(a)The applicant must be outside the UK

(b) The applicant must make a valid application on the correct form for entry clearance as a partner

(c) The applicant must meet all the requirements for Eligibility

(d) The applicant must not fall for refusal under any Suitability grounds

These are the first things you must consider when applying for a spouse settlement visa. The remainder of this article will focus on what the requirements for Eligibility for entry clearance as a partner are.

What are the eligibility requirements?

There are 4 eligibility requirements which must be met.

1)      Relationship requirement

The applicant’s partner must be either:

  •    A British Citizen in the UK or;
  •    Present and settled in the UK or;
  •    In the UK with refugee leave or with humanitarian protection

The applicant and partner must be aged 18 and over at the date of the application

The applicant and partner must not be in the prohibited degree of relationship

The applicant and partner must have met in person

The applicant and partner are married and the marriage is valid

The relationship must be genuine and subsisting

The applicant and partner must intend to live together permanently in the UK

2) Financial requirement or How much do you need to earn to apply for a spouse visa?

The applicant’s partner must have a specified gross annual income of at least £18,600

The applicant’s partner must be able to provide evidence of adequate accommodation, without recourse to public funds

3)English language requirement

The applicant must be able to meet the English language requirement this can be done by either:

    • Passing an English language test at the minimum level of A1
    • Have an academic qualification either Bachelor’s or Master’s awarded by an educational establishment in the UK

4)      Tuberculosis certificate requirement

The applicant must clear the tuberculosis TB test and provide certification, if he/she is citizen of the countries where he/she needs a TB test:

If you meet all the eligibility requirements and do not fall for general refusal or refusal under any of the suitability grounds you can apply for a spouse settlement visa.

However, if there are exceptional circumstances, so even if you don’t meet all the requirements, still you can make a successful application.

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