At Abbot and Harris Solicitors we understand that time is a precious commodity, therefore in civil and commercial ligations matters we can assist parties to settle down their issues in a rapid and efficient manner outside the Court. Our Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) service provides an opportunity to our client to maintain a satisfying business relationship with the other party as well as save their time and costs.However if all efforts of mediation fail as a final resort, we will pursue your matter/claim in Court. Such times are difficult and we will be there to support our clients by assisting in seeking justice from the court of law. We will prepare the best case, with the finest of representation in order to win.Furthermore, we will also assist clients clear their name and credit history where a County Court Judgement (CCJ) has been registered against them. We provide services to set aside the CCJ as this can be bad for their future credit rating scoreWe have an expert team who can assist in resolving disputes or claims against individuals, companies and local authorities. We offer professional, honest legal advice at affordable, fixed prices in the following areas:

civil-litigation Recovery claimsBankruptcyContractual disputesCommercial disputesBoundary disputesLandlord and TenantPossession claimsEvictionsDebt problems