At Abbott and Harris Solicitors we pride ourselves in having an experienced team of solicitors and consultants who provide straightforward and practical solution in handling all matters of immigration, nationality and asylum.

We are a fresh firm based in London run by our Principal who has over 17 years experience in the field of law. We pride ourselves in offering expert immigration advice in a rapidly changing political climate. We have an outstanding professional team who are approachable, friendly, and will communicate the progress of a case in a timely manner right up until the final decision of the matter.

We provide services in these all areas:

  • All Immigration Applications
  • Human Rights Applications
  • Admin Review
  • Judicial Review
  • Immigration appeals up to Supreme Court
  • Nationality applications
  • European laws applications
  • Asylum Claims
  • Humanitarian Protection claims
  • Bail Applications
  • Deportation Appeals/Cancellation/Deferment Removal Directions/Injunctions (Cancellations of removal directions